I haven't been camping probably ever, caravaning yes but not sleeping in a tent except for in my parents back garden on Cedarwood Road. I was excited and dreading it so I packed 9 outfits for 2 days, including one for the trip to the shower but there were no showers! There was a beautiful river though for swimming or paddling.

Tipi Adventures http://tipiadventures.ie/ is the real deal, no fancy modern stuff, beautiful location in Rathdrum in Co Wicklow. The Vikings is filmed there, it is quite spectacular. We stayed in a ginormous tipi which was set up for us when we arrived. There are also amazing tree tents https://tentsile.co.uk/ but we were a bit worried we might forget the tent was in the tree so we decided to stay grounded. Turns out that I didn't need all those outfits, I lived mostly in my Electronic Sheep Poncho, I even slept in it as it was freezing at night. I also fit my kids in it when they were super sad when it was time to go home.

Never appreciated our Electronic Sheep Ponchos so much, perfect attire for camping and festivals!

Ponchos online @ https://electronicsheep.com/products/copy-of-plastic-cowboys-knitted-indians-fringed-poncho

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