Open to the Irish community of Brent – past and present

Two Irish artists/designers Helen Delany (living in Kilburn) and Brenda Aherne are creating a giant tapestry that tells the untold stories of the Irish community in the Borough of Brent; Kilburn, Willesden, Harlesden, Cricklewood and beyond. We would love to have as many of the current and former Irish community of Brent to be part of this. Having won an award this year by Brent 2020, the duo are creating a knitted tapestry that is about the history of Irish people in the area; it will reflect the community and will be donated back to the community after its launch. (Brent is London Borough of Culture for 2020).

We are looking for any photographs taken within the home (or any interior images that show the sitting room, kitchen, hallway etc). Black and white, colour or digital photographs from any time period showing the inside of the home are welcome – these can be family photographs that even show a glimpse of the background – the wallpaper, the fireplace, the kitchen tiles, the carpet, the sofa... The imagery can date back to the old days up to now. We are recreating a room that represents the Irish community for our knitted tapestry and we will illustrate parts of these images to tell the story.

All submissions will be credited and we will notify you of any usage. The final tapestry will go on tour in various venues in the Brent area this Winter. The tapestry will then become part of the collection at The Brent Museum.

Please send images to: helen@electronicsheep.com Original photographs can be sent to: Helen Delany, 46 Cavendish Road, Kilburn, London NW6 7XP (Photographs will be handled with the utmost care and returned via registered post). Please send your name and address on any submissions and if possible - date of photograph)

Helen Delany (based in Brent) and Brenda Aherne (based in Dublin) are two Irish artists/designers who work under their company name Electronic Sheep. Childhood friends Aherne and Delany were born in Dublin and have a long standing history with London; frequenting the venues of the Brent area since the late 1980s. The Internationally-renowned designers of Electronic Sheep have worked together since 1998. They create unique, illustrative and typographic knitwear/jacquards based on narrative storylines drawing on their personal lives and professional practices.

For more information see brent2020.co.uk and electronicsheep.com
To read an interview with Helen Delany of Electronic Sheep about ‘The Kilbrun Tapestries’ see: brent2020.co.uk/stories

Below: ‘Act 2’, knitted jacquard by Electronic Sheep

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