‘Life Glorious Life’ Blanket Scarf: Electronic Sheep x Holles Street Hospital Collaberation

Electronic Sheep designers, Brenda Aherne and Helen Delany are delighted
to have been invited by The National Maternity Hospital to work on a collaboration

Known for their colourful tapestry-esque knits, Electronic Sheep were asked to
design a scarf that would be beneficial to breastfeeding women. A new product
that would empower, support and encourage nursing mothers. The resulting scarf
is an oversized blanket scarf in the signature Electronic Sheep illustrative style and
electric colours.

The new ‘Life Glorious Life’ scarf (a name taken from the NMH motto) works on 3
levels; as a breastfeeding cover, a fashion scarf and as a baby blanket. The scarf
design is based on their existing classic Electronic Sheep blanket scarves and has
been tried and testing by the designers who are themselves mothers with young
children and used their scarves as breastfeeding covers and baby blankets.
Brenda’s twins Bonnie and Blake were born at Holles Street Hospital in 2011. The
babies arrived prematurely and Brenda remembers how well they all were looked
after at the hospital. She is now delighted to give something back in this
fundraising collaboration.

The campaign to promote breastfeeding resonates with the designers and Helen
remembers her own initial ‘up and down’ experience. A main concern about

breastfeeding was about being confined to the house. That all changed after a pre-
natal course where she was shown images of women fishing, eating and hanging

out in public spaces while breastfeeding. And also discovering that women have an
absolute right to breastfeed in public – anywhere they want – a fact she wasn’t
even aware of!

This revelation became the story behind the ‘Life Glorious Life’ scarf which
portrays women breastfeeding in different outdoor scenarios. The scarf illustrates
women sitting at cafés, in parks/streets, reading and relaxing in public while
breastfeeding. It depicts a positive and happy environment for both mother and
baby; all with their “Life Glorious Life’ blanket scarf of course!

The hand drawn scenes are set around Holles Street Hospital and the striking
historic building is central to the design. Knit in 100% supersoft merino wool, the scarves are limited edition and produced ethically in Europe. They are beautifully made, warm, long-lasting and hence a covetable heirloom.

Retail price is €155 (Limited Edition Price)
10% from the price of each blanket scarf will go to the NMH Foundation
Available in two colour schemes - Cream/ Multi and Grey/ Multi

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